Unlock the Full Potential of HubSpot Sales

Former HubSpot Agency Trainer Specializing in Sales Team Success
Initial Setup: You are looking for expert guidance to ensure an optimal setup from the start.
Lack of Sales Insights: As a sales leader, you struggle to generate valuable reports and track the metrics necessary to effectively manage your sales team.
Underutilization of Hubspot Sales Pro: You feel like you're not fully utilizing the capabilities and features available in Hubspot Sales Hub.
Low CRM Adoption: Your sales team resistant to using the CRM, resulting in poor data entry and inconsistent updates.
Improving Sales Velocity and Productivity: You are looking for ways to increase sales velocity and overall productivity using the best sales technologies.
Data Cleanup and Organization: Does your CRM contain duplicates, unclear properties, or messy data that needs to be cleaned up and organized?
Integrating SaaS Data: Would you like to incorporate your own SaaS data into Hubspot to make more informed decisions?
Marketing and Sales Alignment: Are your marketing and sales efforts not aligned, causing confusion and missed opportunities?

Hubspot SalesHub Onboarding

  1. Start Hubspot in the Most Optimal Conditions

  2. You will get Hubspot setup correctly from the start, adapted to your business needs, and optimized to get your sales team onboard and running on the CRM.

  3. 1) First, I will audit your business needs to create an onboarding plan that will fit you.
  4. 2) I will implement our onboarding plan within Hubspot. This can include integrations, property/pipeline setup, views/filters, reporting, automations, etc...
  5. 3) I will then train you and your team to use Hubspot effectively for your sales. Get your team to adopt the CRM.
  6. 4) Before leaving, I will give you a long term plan of what to do to increase your sales with Hubspot and other sales enablement tools.


Price Starting at $1497




Hubspot SalesHub Audit

  1. Figure Out How To Make Hubspot Work For Your Sales 

Are you not exploiting the capabilities of Hubspot for your sales team? I will audit your Hubspot account and provide you with a detailed report.

Most people get started on Hubspot, do a quick onboarding, and send try to wing it.


Then later realize that the desired reports and automations are not put into place. That Hubspot didn't improve sales.


During my analysis i will look at your account and take in your comments. I will then provide you with a detailed report of potential issues and how to fix them.


You will leave with clarity on your sales analytics and how to use Hubspot the best for your sales team




Price Starting at $97




Sales Enablement

  1. Get Your Sales To The Next Level

Do you want to go all in and get me to come in your business, and improve your sales with CRM and other technologies?

This is long term help, if you want me to come in, audit your current sales, see how we can improve sales and sales team productivity with tech, and implement it together.


This can include a wide variety of implementations : From more complex sales automation, integrations, AI sales intelligence, etc..to automate your processes with Zapier or Make.com.


Just see it as me doing all necessary steps to fully optimize your sales tech stack.




Price Starting at $2000/month, 3 month minimum


"David was very helpful in allowing us to achieve our objectives to migrate to Hubspot. He imported our data quickly and was able to customize the CRM based on our feedback. He clearly knew the system well and was able to give us advise along the way as to how to work with it ourselves."
Ezequiel Lubocki, PayKey
"David is 1000% a Ninja with Hubspot Sales Hub Pro. He helped our company create extremely valuable automations including - sequences and workflows that have been massively effective for our marketing and sales efforts. He listens and makes strong suggestions based on what's possible in Hubspot and base it around your business."
Daniel Linares, DLE Events
"We increased by 30% the number of opps created just with David automations. And our sales team now uses the CRM way more effectively and are happy with it. Each time i connect i have the exact reports i need to see first thing in the morning."
Rob Waller, TassaFritt

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